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Female Film Crewing Agency


RA Agency the very first *female empowerment film crew agency of its kind, established and developed since 2010.

Specializing in Production Sound Mixers, Cinematographers, and Camera Operators including Steadicam.

RA Agency represents exclusive award-winning female technical crew and HOD’s in Major Motion Pictures, Features, HETV Drama and Commercial Productions in the UK.

Our clients have held key positions on numerous high end television dramas including; House of Dragons, The Capture, His Dark Materials as well as on major movies like; Barbie, Deadpool 3, The Batman, Eternals and Ant-man 3 to name a few…


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* When we refer to the term ‘female’ we would like to include this to anyone who identifies as female/a woman and/or as transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit and third gender.

For enquiries on availability please contact Lulu Elliott directly:
Direct Line: +44 797 212 9854
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T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@ra-agency.online