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“Breaking Barriers in the Entertainment Industry: Over A Decade of Progress and the Road Ahead”

In 2010, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey, transforming from a vast database into a niche powerhouse—an evolution marked by disruption and determination. The early days were challenging, with resistance and misunderstanding, but fast forward a decade, and the landscape has shifted. The progress is real, but the journey has only just begun.

 Recent statistics should serve as a wake-up call, urging us to initiate a second wave of change with sustained momentum. As an agent, I’ve witnessed positive shifts, particularly in the increased hiring of women for traditionally male-dominated roles. However, the pace of progress feels slow, often manifesting as one woman at a time.

However the future is exciting, and the rewards of a more inclusive industry are boundless—for individuals, for the industry, and for society. Let’s push forward together.

We have proved ourselves in our recent triumphs within the realm of sound production. Our accomplished Production Sound Mixers have not only demonstrated their unparalleled expertise but have also garnered prestigious recognition for their outstanding contributions. Judi Lee-Headman stands out, having earned a BAFTA TV Craft award nomination in 2022 for ‘Intergalactic’ and previously securing the esteemed WFTV Panalux Craft Award in 2019 for ‘The Capture.’ Nina Rice, another luminary in our sound department, clinched the RTS award for Best Sound Drama in 2022 for ‘This is Going to Hurt.’ , a serious Oscar contender for her work on ‘Barbie’ plus nominations from CAS and AMPS. Additionally, Cassandra Rutledge has added to our triumphs by securing the BIFA Award for Best Sound in 2022 for ‘Flux Gourmet.‘ These accolades not only underscore our commitment to excellence but also solidify our standing as a powerhouse.


The idea for RA Agency: (previously Reel Angels) came in 2009 after working in the industry as a ‘rock n roll’ Camera Operator, Music Video Director and TV Follow Spot Operator. Lulu Elliott, the founder identified that there was an issue with gender parity especially in the technical departments of camera, sound and lighting. She began to research and develop the agency with great care over the last 15 years and sought to create a supportive community where women could thrive, fostering an environment where their talents are acknowledged and respected. Awarded funding from; The Prince’s Trust, Bright Ideas Trust and BFI’s Diversity Grant. Lulu has been listed in PITCH’s Top 100 Super Women and was nominated for the Diversity Champion and featured in The British Cinematographer Magazine ‘Reel Angels on a Determined Diversity Mission’, First Frame ‘Girls on Film’ plus WFTV, BECTU and GBFTE Newsletters. Recently Lulu wrote an article ‘How to Drive Diversity in Film and TV’, which was published in Televisual. You can read it here.

  1. RA is very much more than an agency, as Lulu has been very active in raising awareness over the last 15 years and has taken part in discussion panels at Bristol’s International Cinematography Festival, BIFA Festival, TLG’s Focus Expo, Raindance, Birds Eye View and Middlesex University. Recently Lulu wrote a series of articles on Mental Health & Well-being, Bullying, Diversity and Inclusion.
  2. RA have also organized our own workshops’ open to all women in the industry. We have organized our own events ‘Celebrating Women Behind the Camera’ across the UK and invited Media Parents, WFTV, BECTU and EWA to host our panel discussions. 

  3. We strive for equality, which can be reflected in rates offered to our clients, as well as providing our HODS with fully supported camera and sound teams, competitive kit rates and a positive experience on set. Please keep up to date with the BECTU’s rates card here .

  4. Our client’s wellbeing is very important to us and do not take any bullying/harassment/discrimination as acceptable. We would expect productions to have a bullying policy in place, you can find a template created by BFI and BAFTA here.
  5. We encourage productions to promote the use of the CALLit app and consider employing a Wellbeing Facilitator from 6FT and promote the services offered by the TV and Film charity.
  6. We wholly recommend Digital Orchards’ Equality and Inclusion Training here.
  7. RA’s ‘FUTURES’ programme is set up to focus on providing support to black women working in the camera department due to the severe lack of black female DOP’s, we mentor from trainee and assistant level up, find out more here..

At our agency, we take immense pride in delivering a personalized and boutique experience to our clients. Our commitment lies in maintaining a sharp focus on key role models, prioritizing quality over quantity, and curating a highly exclusive client base. If you’re intrigued about becoming part of our roster and discovering the exceptional services we can provide as your dedicated agent, we invite you to express your interest by emailing us.


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