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Part 01 – Bringing in 2022 with more positive change! 🙏

As we see the New Year in and have some down-time to reflect, this is an ideal moment to stop and think about exploring current and future action on mental health & well-being, bullying & harassment, equality, inclusion & diversity. Along with Gabrielle Rey our new PR Assistant here at RA, we have put together a four-part article on these issues, which will lead to an ongoing series….

If you know me, you will know I have a genuine interest in mental health and well-being. I care about raising awareness on these issues in particular with my close clients. The interest and compassion comes from my own personal experiences, especially during the 10 years I spent myself previously working as crew, when I had my fair share of ‘ups and downs’, bullying and harassment.

As can be confirmed by any of my clients here at RA, we openly talk about these subjects and related issues regularly.  However, I wanted to take further action and see how I can better support my clients and look into what services are available. There is only so much an Agent or individual can manage from a distance as, of course I am not on set in person.      

        Over the year 2021 these were the three main services that caught my eye, which I will now be recommending to my clients and urging production to actively promote and use:




We all need as agents and individuals to start asking production, at the early stages when arranging the initial deal; ‘What are you doing to ensure that the crew live out a positive experience on your set? Do you have a Well-being Facilitator on board? If not, why not? They should at least be informed about the intel available and pointed in the right direction. What anti-bullying and equality policies do they have? We must ourselves read these policies and take note on how to act if any uncomfortable situations should arise. They as your employer are legally responsible and must adhere to these policies. Arm yourself with knowledge regarding your rights as you go from one job to the next, as policies do vary (We will look into these policies in further depth in the upcoming articles).

What I would like to see in 2022?

An Well-being Facilitator on every set. I do believe production will listen to our requirements if it sees that these are being demanded by all parties involved; from a camera trainee to a HOD. We can bring about this change.  If we all request a Well-being Facilitator, production will take it more seriously and will act upon the demand. If this were the case then we may not need phonelines, apps or nesscary to collect further data. One by one with each Well-being Facilitator, we will totally erase the bullying culture and learn what good mental health and well-being means and feels like. 

We will also see some very productive results when striving to meet our relentless content creation demands driven by the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Disney, Hulu, etc., etc., pushing their workforce to produce more and more, faster and faster! 

However we need to start demanding these improvements for our crew now so 2022 can be different…..

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