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Camera Operator Ashlea on ‘Bridgerton Season 3’ Part 1 will be on our screens May 16th!
RA’s Ashlea Downes took on the role of B Camera Operator alongside DOP Alicia Robbins who quotes:

‘Working with Ashlea was incredibly fulfilling. She has an amazing eye for framing and works tremendously well with her crew. There were couple of occasions as well that we needed her to bump up to A Camera/Steadicam. This was mostly crane work with wheels and she was very precise and executed these shots seamlessly as well. We also threw some tricky Steadicam work at her too and she delivered those shots with stability and ease. Having her presence on set made my day lighter and fun while knowing that I was going to get what I needed for the show.

 Produced by Shondaland in association with Netflix, “Bridgerton” continues to captivate viewers with its visually stunning storytelling.
See the trailer here!

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