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DOP Caroline Bridge’s ‘This is Axom’

‘This Is Axiom’ is a short film, written and directed by Alastair Clayton and produced by Nick Long.

Nozomi floats, alone in deep space, starting to doubt that she will hear from anyone on earth again until one day, a glimmer of hope flickers through the radio…

The film answers a brief to explore an ethical debate on healthcare. Writer/Director Alastair Clayton came up with a concept that:

-Elevated this idea into one told on an ambitious and epic scale.

-Remained firmly grounded in the discussion over the value of human life.

-Explored the journey of survival and the concept of working together to achieve success.

Director of Photography, Caroline Bridges brought her ambitious and incredible sensibility in cinematography to the project, riding the line between a classic science fiction look and a gentle, dramatic approach as the story required.

Alastair, Nick and Caroline were keen from the beginning to achieve as much “in camera” as possible, and worked to create a rich picture without the need for excessive use of green screen or CGI content – even turning to legendary model maker Bob Ballan to create miniatures of the hero craft “The Axiom” for all exterior shots in space.

The end result is a visually arresting, hugely ambitious achievement considering the production’s resources and budget and one that delivers on telling a truly human story on a grand scale not often seen in short films.

The film was shot on Arri Alexa Mini with Kowa Prominar Anamorphic Lenses By Caroline Bridges with support from Chris McAleese (First AC), Graham Smout & Julian Zarzoso-Lowe (2nd ACs), Simon Battensby (Gaffer) and Laura Seears (Steadicam Operator).

This is Axiom stars Yuriri Naka, Cyrielle Debreuil, Wil Johnson, Tom Golding, David Bedella, Amy Kwolek and Laura Pradelska.

The film was funded by Celgene and is a co-production of Bedrock Multimedia and Turtle Canyon Films.

See Caroline’s Profile and Showreel Here:



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