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BFI sets diversity rules for access to film funding
January 14, 2016

Films applying for money from British state backer must sign up to new policies on minorities and the socially disadvantaged

3rd Global Symposium on Gender in Media with Geena Davis
January 14, 2016

An symposium on Gender in Media organized by The Geena Davis Institute and WFTV, held at BFI.

Tania Friemuth a Reel Angel member and DOP went to find out what positive interventions are happening or going to rectify the stats? We all are too aware of.

‘Miss You Already’ Director Speaks Out
January 14, 2016

“Myself and other [female] directors used to think we didn’t have to talk about women’s issues: that it would be enough to just make films and be an example. That doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked. Now people are making noise, and pretty soon they won’t be able to ignore it.”

Cinema figures express alarm as statistics reveal lack of women at all levels of cinema production
January 14, 2016

Gender bias in the film industry: 75% of blockbuster crews are male

Sadie Frost turns academic to highlight lack of film production roles for women
January 14, 2016

‘Sadie Frost has done the theory, and now she is putting it into practice…’

Reel Angel DOP Shiraz Ch.4 Shorts Series ‘Circus Girls’
July 28, 2015

Reel Angel DOP Shiraz Ksaiba was recently involved the Channel 4 Shorts, a series of 6 x 3 min films on female circus performers, went out on broadcast on 27th July – you can view them online here;


Post-production dept launching in September!
July 28, 2015

We are now developing our post production department, so we are looking for a variety of skilled freelancers in this field.

So if your a passionate and talented freelancer specializing in Editing, Sound Design, Animation and Grading and so forth, we would love to hear from you!

Please send in your cv and showreel to creative@ra-agency.online

We welcome new DOP Yana Rits-Cairns
July 23, 2015

Yana Rits-Cairns is Director of Photography from Russia, shooting television dramas for ITV and Channel 4.

Lydia on the new film about The Clash!
July 15, 2015

Lydia Stott (2nd Ac) was working on the film ‘London Town’ about The Clash featuring actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing Strummer.

Gail looking for her Big Fish with Ben Fogle BBC
July 14, 2015

Gail Jenkinson (Camera Op Underwater HSE) is currently with the BBC and Ben Fogle at a secret location searching for ‘THE big fish’…

Hazel Flying!
July 14, 2015

Hazel ( Camera Op) got to go out with Flying TV to test out their Cineflex gyro-camera system …

Kasia on Eric Clapton & Salvation Army Concert
July 14, 2015

Kasia ( Follow Spot Op) rocking out with Eric Clapton at the legendary Royal Albert Hall for 10 consecutive nights! Hard core!

Floor and Laura on Wimbledon !
July 14, 2015

Hope everyone enjoyed the Wimbledon!

Thankyou to Floor Wouters ( Camera Op) and Laura McNeil ( Sound Engineer) …

Procam Supports Us
July 14, 2015

A much appreciated supportive statement from one of our key sponsors;

‘Procam are proud to support the Reel Angels Agency. This partnership will give members of the Reel Angels access to all the latest broadcast equipment and Procam’s unrivalled technical knowledge….

Samantha and Jen’s skills featured on Outcast BBC1 last night!
July 13, 2015

Great to see the efforts of Samantha Patterson (2nd AC ) and Jen Annor (Sound Assistant) on BBC 1’s Outcast; a triumph of a drama!

We welcome new crew to our TV Studio Sound Dept
June 5, 2015

Please check out our new talent in the TV Studio Sound Engineering department; Heather Benson, Denise Else, Hazel Melville,Rebecca Morgan, Laura McNeil and Lisa Hampson…

Downtown Abbey, Cuffs and Star Wars !
June 4, 2015

We had our Camera Trainees Amy Wilson and Emily Shaw on the recent filming of Downtown Abbey…

Filming Sean Conway Series ‘Ultimate British Triathalon’
June 3, 2015

Freya Davey was camera assisting on this epic journey for Discovery Uk.

Mindset Communications Shoot
June 3, 2015

We recently had the pleasure of working with Mindset Communications who produce creative live events and video:

Bear Grylls the Island
May 25, 2015

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