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Our Camera Operators on Netflix’s feature ‘The Dig’ and Marvels ‘Eternals’

Firstly, as pictured above Agnieszka Szeliga operating the ‘B’ camera for DOP Mike Eley BSC on Netflix’s new feature ‘The Dig’ starring Carey Mullighan and Ralph Fiennes. Svetlana Miko shared the job with Agnieszka on the last week of the production.

They were also both additional Camera Operator’s with DOP Ben Davis BSC on Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ starring Angelina Jolie. Ben said  ‘ He recognizes he’s got a position of power and he needs to take more responsibility.”

It can be done! Thank you Ben and Mike! 

See Agnieszka’s and Svetlana’s profiles and full CV’s here:




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