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Our Judi Lee Headman is WFTV’s CRAFT AWARD WINNER!

Congratulations Judi!!! For the well deserved win for your work as Production Sound Mixer on ‘The Capture’ .  Judi Lee Headman won the title for WFTV’s Craft Award Winner 2019!

On Friday December 6th, the 29th annual ‘Women in Film and TV’ awards took place. The awards celebrate the years most talented and inspiring women in Film and TV across 14 categories.

Judi is a Production Sound Mixer who’s credits include Britannia, The Capture, Homelands and The Tunnel. She has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality of location sound to world-class, award-winning television productions. Her excellent reputation and hard work on every production she is involved in, made sure she was a deserving winner of this years award.

We see Judi leading the way for female PSM’s, in fact she was the first woman to be a full member at AMPS. She has been working in the industry for over 25 years and it’s great she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Here at the agency we believe she can go ‘all the way’, next we would like to see make her mark in features and yes why not a BAFTA/Oscar/Globe next?

Currently she is the only female PSM working on set in drama at her budget level (over 3 million), to come this far she obviously has a natural talent and we always hear how everyone loves working with her. We certainly enjoy having her with us and credit to her she has taken the agency to the next level, single handed, so thank you Judi, you are amazing.

Judi is also very proactive in speaking at events, raising the profile of women working in sound and is recognized as a role model amongst her female peers. Who she is actively supporting and making sure she does her bit by keeping the ‘door’ ajar. 

Judi is currently working on Sky 1’s drama ‘Intergalactic‘ which wraps late March 2020 and we are open for the next project that will progress her career rightfully onwards and forwards. From HETV drama to features, there is no female mixers in the high budget features industry as of yet in the UK (America has 7) why ? We need to change that! 

The agency and all the members are all very proud!

See Judi’s profile and full CV here:




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