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Our Lori Dovi stateside Production Sound Mixer answers why work in the UK?

Others and I are curious in why Americans would like to work over here so much?

So I pinned down Lori Dovi, who is signed to us for UK representation and found out more…

Firstly, if you have not heard of Lori Dovi, she is a HETV and major feature Production Sound Mixer with over 23 years of experience. One of 7 female PSM in America in features, whilst there are no female major feature Production Sound Mixers here in the UK!! Yes, we have Judi Lee Headman who is leading the way in HETV but no major feature has been awarded to her as of yet. We want to see that change very soon and with the ever merging worlds of feature and high end tv drama, we don’t see why not now?

Meanwhile, back to Lori’s love for the UK ! Part of Lori’s career development was due to the Brits, back in the early days whilst Lori was starting out in documentaries. Lori got her first taste of UK productions by working on documentaries with the likes of BBC, Ardent Films, Granada Films, Brighter Pictures and Splinter Films. Working with Brits such as Jill Fullerton-Smith, Mark Everest, Paul Bryers, Marinella Nicholson, Dave Stewart, Nicola Penn, Sara Woodford and Michael Cummings. All are which are personally responsible for giving Lori such a positive working experience, which she is very much lusting for more..

Quote from Lori herself:

‘I soon figured out that my personality and working style was a great fit to UK productions, I find working with UK crews very compatible to my approach, more so than here. The Brits do work differently, it is a different culture and way of working. I find it more respectable to my craft and wanting to take time to honor my best work possible, plus the British humor is something else! The camaraderie there I  love! I feel more at home.’

After 7 years of documentary making, Lori then moved to narrative and again UK productions made a great contribution to Lori in developing her career in this area. She has had her fair share of UK acting talent, by working alongside Colin Firth, Colin Farrel, David Tennant, Helena Bonham-Carter, Tilda Swinton, Christian Bale and Emily Blunt. Which has enabled her to progress into features such as ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Nocturnal Animals’, ‘A Single Man’, ‘Fright Night shot in 3D’, ‘500 Days of Summer’ to name a few.  She also mixed on the TV drama ‘Mindhunter with David Fincher and Armistead Maupin’sFurther Tales of the City’ for Showtime.

Lori was nominated for a MPSE sound award on the film 500 DAYS OF SUMMER.

And recently worked on the remake of the cult classic ‘The Craft’ and ‘Kissing Booth 2’ with Joey King.

Lori also has practical reasons in wanting to work over here, as her partner is British and is based in London.

We have also looked into the visa process and discovered that importing female talent in these non-traditional roles is very much supported at the moment!

See Lori’s profile and CV here:




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