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Judi Sports a PHD Down Jacket for Crew…

Some of you may know my late Grandfather Peter Hutchinson originally set up Mountain Equipment 60 years ago and since then set up a brand new company about 10 years ago called PHD (Peter Hutchinson Designs). Who specialize in making by hand, customized down clothing here in the UK, in Manchester.


Judi is wearing the Arctic Down Jacket (phdesigns.co.uk)

This is Judi Lee-Headman: Production Sound Mixer on location making Britannia Series 3 for Sky TV. As a Production Sound Mixer she has to sit still for hours and the cold used to seep in. Not anymore. She’s finding her new PHD kit, the Arctic Down jacket “brilliant”. “We’ve been shooting night exteriors for the past week and I can say I haven’t been even a bit chilly,” Judi says. “In fact, if I am too active I have to let out some steam, much to the amusement of the crew! I’m trying to persuade my hubby to make the change from his North Face parka to PHD! Well worth the investment”.



Another product is ‘The Icefall Jacket: the photographer’s friend’:

An old favourite with film crew and photographers the practical design of this down jacket offers real warmth when standing around in the cold, whether at work or on holiday, while the fully waterproof taped outer shell sheds everything from heavy rain to biting wind.

Now the Icefall Jacket has had an upgrade with our superlight HS2 waterproof fabric (fully taped), making it lighter and more packable, and is filled with superb 900 fillpower down.

With a temperate rating of -15°C and weighing just 750g (in size medium), this is a go-anywhere lightweight jacket with real capability in harsh weather.

The detachable hood adds versatility, whilst the hand-warmer pockets and shock-cord hem are designed to keep the worst of the weather out.

When we work out the Typical Operating Temperature (TOT) of a jacket, we assume that it’s being worn for low to moderate levels of activity, with maybe some short static periods. When you’re standing around for hours though, waiting for the perfect shot, the effects of the cold and the wet can feel so much worse! We’re often approached by film crews and photographers who are all too aware of this phenomenon, and need a solid, reliable jacket for being out in the sort of weather that sees everyone else heading for home.

Robust, waterproof fabric – and pockets big enough for field guides and video scripts – made our classic Icefall Jacket very attractive, with companies such as the world renowned Arriflex choosing it to outfit their crews. And now we’ve upgraded it to make it even more camera-crew friendly.

The sharp sound of opening velcro isn’t ideal when you’re photographing wildlife – and it won’t make you very popular on location either – so we’ve done away with it and made the Icefall with poppers. And, although the fully taped, waterproof and breathable HS2 shell has proved tough enough for outfitting Mountain Rescue Teams, it’s still light and soft-handling enough to prevent unwanted rustling. All that houses a filling of our superb 900 fill-power down, giving the Icefall a TOT of -15°C.

So, while it may have been designed it with film-crews in mind, it’s actually a very versatile all-rounder. Tough, warm, waterproof, well-featured but nevertheless weighing only 750g: a real go-anywhere jacket for anyone spending time in the cold.



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