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Judi Lee Headman is back on Britannia Series 3

Judi Lee Headman, one of our top Production Sound Mixers returns to Britannia for series 3. Sky’s Atlantic leading fantasy drama starring David Morrissey, Mackenzie Crook, Annabel Scholey and Eleanor Worthington-Cox. Set once again in ancient Britain in the 1st century AD and featuring an ensemble cast of clashing Celtic tribes, Roman invaders, and drugged-up Druids. We won’t spoil the Britannia season two ending for those who haven’t yet seen it, but suffice it to say that the second run of the historical-psychedelic-fantasy-drama came to a dramatic conclusion, with a showdown between leader of the Druids Veran and his chaotic, destructive brother Harka, both played by Mackenzie Crook.

Mackenzie see’s scope for it to continue beyond a third season, adding: “Well, the Romans stayed [in Britain] for 400 hundred years so you’ve got a lot of material there and we’re only a couple of years into the invasion, so who knows?      “I think the Druids were wiped out in a big battle in maybe AD60, around 20 years after the invasion[…] so if I can keep hold of the [Druid] leadership I’ve got a couple of series left in me!”

Production was stopped mid March and we are pleased to say it’s been back on the road since late August and all going well so far!

We could see the show back on our screens early next year in 2021!

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