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Svetlana Miko ACO latest projects including the new TRINITY System..

Straight after lock-down, we had Svetlana on a 6 week block as Trinity Operator/B Camera on Apple TV+ sci-fi series ‘Ray James’.  The high-end TV show, inspired by HG Wells’s ‘The War of The World’s, which was mostly shot on location with Cinematographer Laurie Rose BSC.

Ray James is being executive produced by Audrey Chon, Chad Feehan and Amy Kaufman, with Simon Kinberg and David Weil as writers. Jakob Verbruggen will direct the first episode, who previously worked with Kinberg on Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’.

Followed by some dailies on True Things, Britannia 3 with Cinematographer Ed Moore BSC and this week back on The Batman. Before Covid-19 hit us we had Svetlana Miko working with Cinematographer Grieg Fraser ASC ACS. Grieg is known for his work on films ‘Vice’, ‘Bright Star’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. In 2017, he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography for his work on the film ‘Lion’.

Grieg offered some clues about how far the film will go in embracing The Dark Knight’s, well … darker side;

It’s a good question and it’s a question we ask ourselves,” he said of the visual tone for the film. “There’s darkness in the character for sure and we need to create a mood, which is obvious — it’s a Batman film. I don’t think it’s going to be oppressively dark in terms of visually, because that’s not what we’re trying to (do). We’re not trying to have a competition about who can go the darkest of the darkest of the darkest. We’re trying to create intrigue. I love the way some of the comics look. You can see relatively quite clearly in those graphic novels.

More on Svetlana’s TRINITY Rig..

Svetlana has also recently purchased her latest tool – an ARRI TRINITY: “I like TRINITY for effortlessly fitting into most situations I intend to use it in. I love it when it allows me to deliver much more pleasing and dynamic stair shots because I’m able to lower it to just the right height, I can cross through tight doorways, and can suddenly look and turn in the smallest spaces. It also makes using a car mount so much more enjoyable. It often shows me how much more I can push boundaries in comparison to conventional Steadicam.

Svetlana has been working in the industry for over 16 years now. Her TRINITY credits include “Ray James,” “Ghost Light,” “Bridgerton,” HULU’s “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” and many more. About the work with TRINITY she says: “Like any system, you have to spend time with it and get to feel it and know it. When you need to deliver creative or demanding shots suddenly TRINITY opens a world of so many more possibilities than before. I would call it evolution – we have definitely needed it for such a long time and TRINITY does deliver.

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