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The Last TEN YEARS of Reel Angels!

Lulu Elliott is the founder of the first and only agency Reel Angels that represents only female technical crews in camera, sound and lighting, roles that have been traditionally male-dominated. Lulu has been very active in raising awareness and has taken part in discussion panels at Bristol’s International Cinematography Festival 2015 & 2016, Raindance Festival and TLG’s Focus 2017. Lulu has been listed in 2017 PITCH’s Top 100 Superwomen and was nominated for the Diversity Champion 2017. And featured in The British Cinematographer Magazine, First Frame, WFTV, BECTU and GBFTE Newsletters.

Lulu first showed talent in innovation and entrepreneurship in the year 2000, she was awarded the title ‘Young Engineer for Britain’ at only 17 years old. With an avid interest in technology and creativity Lulu studied Video Art at KIAD, then went onto to be a music video director, touring camera operator and live television spotlight operator.

The idea for Reel Angels came in 2009 after one year working in the industry, it became clear there was an issue with gender parity especially in the camera department.  So she began to research and develop the agency slowly with great care over the last 10 years. Over these years she has been awarded funds from The Princes Trust in 2012, The Bright Idea’s Trust in 2014 and BFI’s Diversity Fund in 2016. Which demonstrates how much commitment and investment there has been into the agency over a long period of time and all done independently.

PRE REEL ANGELS : 2007 – Lulu the Founder Graduates at the age of 25 in Video Media Arts from KIAD and starts working in the industry in London.

2009 – Reel Angels concept was born and the very first meet up was held.

2012 – The Prince’s Trust small business loan awarded.

2012 – First website created and the database was set up to grow over the next few years.

2013 – First celebrated Anniversary of Reel Angels at The Hilton bar.

2013 – Lulu hosted a panel with Birds Eye View at Raindance.

2013 – Lulu lead a discussion at Birds Eye View Filmonics workshop.

2014 – Second anniversary of Reel Angels celebrated with BECTU at Zero1.

2014 – Bright Idea Trust loan awarded.

2015 – Sponsors Procam and Cornish Insurance – first merchandise created including a range of hoodies, tees and vests.

2015 – Third anniversary of Reel Angels celebrated with launch of new website with the full database listed online for the first time. The event was titled ‘Celebrating Women Behind the Camera’.

2015 and 2016 – Lulu took part in a female cinematography panel at Cinefest Bristol.

2016 – Fourth Anniversary ‘Celebrating Women Behind the Camera’ at Genesis Cinema.

2017 – Lulu took part in a panel at TLG’s FOCUS London.

2017 – Lulu listed in the Top 100 Superwomen by PITCH magazine.

2017 – Lulu nominated for Diversity Champion of the Year.

2017- BFI Diversity Fund awarded to deliver nationwide networking events, courses, panel talks and sessions with top HODS.

2017 – Article on Reel Angels featured in The British Cinematographer Magazine.

2018- Lulu Interviewed for Frame Magazine at the The Editors Guild.

2019 – Some of the drama productions this year that the agency has successfully placed key clients such as camera operators inc steadicam, grips and HOD’s (as we are now focusing on roles above assistant level and that few women are currently excelling at in drama) have been; BBC 1’s ‘The Capture’, ITV’s ‘The Confessions’ , EPIX’s ‘Pennyworth’, Hulu’s ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ Mini Tv Series, Sky 1’s comedy drama ‘Intelligence’ and SKY 1’s sci-fi HETV drama ‘Intergalactic’. 

……and it continues and as busy as ever, finally it’s paying off, it’s been quiet a journey thus far!


Thank you for all the support from all past and current members, event attendees and speakers, social media followers, clients, supportive HOD’s, BSC, AMPS, ACO, GBCT, GBFTE, Illumantrix, WBTC, WFTV, BFI, Creative England, ScreenSkills, The Prince’s Trust, The Bright Idea’s Trust, The British Cinematographer Magazine, Director’s UK, Pitch Magazine, Cinefest, FOCUS, Diversity teams at BBC/ITV/Ch.4, Genesis Cinema, Zero1, Creative HUB, BECTU, Procam, Cornish Insurance, Bird’s Eye View, EWA, Raindance Festival, Media Parents, HETV Connect, The Diamond Project, Camerimage and ProSpot Group.

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